living a day or thousand days at a place is not as important as how you feel, adapt, enjoy and experience…Hanoi is place for experiment… How Hanoian live and spend their money?

Not like people in HCM City who tend to spend more time shopping online while Hanoian are more price sensitive, iPrice’s research on online shopping habits has revealed.

According to the research, the majority of online shoppers in the country’s two largest cities are aged 25-34, followed by students and young working adults aged 18-24. Women are shown to prefer shopping online compared with men.

The report reveals that Saigonese people spend 36 per cent more time on researching products and brands in comparison with Hanoians. This study is backed by the fact that Saigonese people are more open to choices than Hanoian shoppers, with more brands having penetrated in HCM City.

Both city shoppers are excited about promotions. However, Hanoians show larger price sensitivity than the Saigonese.

On Black Friday, traffic from Hanoians and Saigonese increased by 80 per cent and 67 per cent, respectively, indicating the price sensitivity of Hanoians during sales, despite the fact that there are more brands and promotion offerings in HCM City compared with Ha Noi.

In terms of popular browsers, Chrome is the most popular browser in both cities, followed by Coc Coc – the Vietnamese browser and search engine. The Vietnamese browser surpasses even Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Coc Coc is reportedly the most user-friendly search engine for the Vietnamese, with localised features such as Vietnamese type-writing, file uploading and Vietnamese auto-correct.

iPrice is Southeast Asia’s Meta-Search platform with presence in seven markets — Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Viet Nam, as well as Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong. It operates three business lines — price comparison, product discovery and coupons. – VNS

Salad Bar for Healthy Habits

if you are vegetarian, Hanoi could be a good place for you. there are plenty of restaurant where serve vegan people with both well made and flavor…

Besides, you can also try those delicious autumn foods which might bring you good experience about Hanoi…

Dishes such as steamed buns, sweet soup, sticky rice … are worth a try with breakfast, lunch or dinner in the cool weather of Hanoi during the autumn days.

Many people like to eat drifting cakes on frozen days with the heat of ginger juice just made them forget about the chill outside


Fried sticky rice: This dish is considered a gift of Hanoi flavor every autumn. These days, along many streets, you may come across carts full of green nuggets. The cuisine from nuggets has many unique variations. You can choose to enjoy the traditional style (using 5 fingers to pick) fun mouth or eating with banana. Besides, dishes such as sticky rice nuggets, nuggets of rice or fried rice … are equally attractive. Photo: Lovefoods68.

Sweet soup: The concept of “tea” with Vietnamese people is difficult to encapsulate in a few words because this dish has so many variations. Depending on the season, Vietnamese people have different ways to choose. With the autumn weather, light bars such as lotus seed sweet soup, grilled sticky banana tea or coconut grapefruit tea will be a reasonable choice. If you are a fan of hot tea, you can choose traditional dishes such as black beans, green beans or cassava … Photo: Nhungpiano, Fuongsfood.

Sticky rice: This dish is made up of 2 ingredients exactly as its name is sticky rice and tea. When eating, diners need to stir the sticky rice and tea together. This action helps sticky rice balance the sweetness of sugar with honey in hot tea. Believers away from Hanoi tea can go to famous places such as Ba Thin, Tran Hung Dao pavement shop … Photo: Hoang Nhi.

West Lake Shrimp Cake: This dish is not only unique to West Lake but also appears in many other restaurants across the streets of Hanoi. However, the shops around Phu Tay Ho area are still popular with the capital’s people. The best cakes when freshly fried. Crunchy flour combined with sweet shrimp meat makes many diners fascinated. Photo: Dong Phuong.

Ice cream: Hanoi has a variety of ice cream from traditional flavors to customers’ choice.

“Xoi”: Hanoians can eat sticky rice at any time, early in the morning or late at night. I can find it anywhere, in small alleys, corners, on sidewalks and in strollers. This dish has many variations for customers to choose. However, to suit the cool autumn weather, you should choose sticky rice or steamed hot braised egg meat. New variations such as spicy ribs are also worth a try for the cool autumn night.

Photo: Lovefood68.

last but not least is “Boiled snails”: the kind of food which rustic but so attractive to diners when the weather changes season. Fatty round snails, boiled with ginger, fragrant lemongrass. Diners will be fascinated with the crushing flavor of sweet, fleshy, crunchy meat mixed with lemon, lemongrass, sweet and sour chili sauce.

Photo: Vu Minh Quan.